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Recognizing Excellence in Early Childhood Education

"Celebrating the Youngest Learners and Honoring Those Who Have Chosen to Teach Them"

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  • Who can become a member?
  • Why should I join R.E.E.CH.E.?
  • What is the cost to join?
  • How often does the R.E.E.CH.E. committee meet and where?
  • Does R.E.E.CH.E. have committees I can participate in?
  • What are the member benefits?

Q: Who can become a member?
A: Anyone who cares about our youngest learners and their teachers.

Q: Why should I join R.E.E.CH.E.? 
A: Becoming a R.E.E.CH.E. member means you want to advocate for our youngest learners and the early learning community.  You should join because it is a great way to network and to gain the latest information about what is happening on a local and state level in our field.  You'll meet others who experience the same challenges you do and share valuable resources. 

Q: What is the cost to join?
A: A membership fee of $25.00 is due one time per year for each participating program/center.

Q: How often does R.E.E.CH.E. meet and where?
A: R.E.E.CH.E. meets the first Tuesday  of every month during the months of January, February, March, April and May.  The location changes each time.

Q: Does R.E.E.CH.E. have committees I can participate in?
A: Yes.  R.E.E.CH.E. has numerous committees one can chair or co-chair.  R.E.E.CH.E. members are required to participate on some level on one or more committees.

Q: What are the member benefits?
A: As a member you get free advertising for your program/center. The name of your center/program is listed on almost all of the R.E.E.CH.E. publicity materials and on the first page of our website. Paid membership means reduced fees at some of our events and professional development opportunities.